As a tribute to all who have served in times of both war and peace, I'd like to share this video Wings Over Water: How Chicago Shaped the Outcome of WWII. It was created by Wesley, a student in the Chicago Public School system.

I've had the pleasure of getting to know Wesley through the Aviation Explorer Post at Chicago Executive Airport. Aviation Exploring is a program for high school and college age youth who have an interest in aviation. Explorers learn about and experience flying. They are also exposed to various aviation careers such as mechanics, air traffic control, dispatching, airport management, and much more. Whether or not they go on to an aviation career, Explorers all gain a lifelong appreciation of the world of flight.

Wesley produced Wings Over Water as a high school project. It won competitions at the school, city, and regional level before going on to state. I was honored that, among numerous sources, Wesley interviewed me and used my book, Aviation Chicago Timeline, as one of his references.