CWA Book Review

Noted Chicago author and historian Greg Borzo posted a review of Aviation Chicago Timeline on the site of the Chicago Writers Assn.  You can also read it on this site in the News & Reviews section.

Greg Borzo is a prolific non-fiction author of the recently-released (January 2019), Lost Restaurants of Chicago. Other subjects include Chicago's many fountains, Chicago's cable cars, the "L" transit system, and many more including his passion: bicycling. Greg is a docent for the Chicago History Museum and conducts tours for them as well as some cycling tours on his own. 

Have you seen any reviews (or perhaps written one yourself) of Aviation Chicago Timeline? If so, let me know about it at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


When Does History End?

Prior to publication of Aviation Chicago Timeline, I often discussed the book with friends and colleagues.

The question asked most frequently was something to the effect of “Where does the book end?” or “How far does it go?” Those of you who know me can imagine how hard I had to restrain myself from accurately answering “It ends on the last page.” But seriously, it’s a legitimate question that I’ve struggled with several times during my life.

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Launch Aftermath

We are now one month after the launch of my book Aviation Chicago Timeline. Although no champagne bottles were smashed on the spine, it was a memorable event.

About 50 people, both aviators and enthusiasts, attended the open house. In addition to see both hardcover and paperback editions hot-off-the-press, guest browsed both a static display and watched a PowerPoint in the background about the history of Pal-Waukee Air Port (Chicago Executive Airport).

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