Chicago: Shaping the Airline Industry  


Today, Chicago is best known for being a hub through which countless passengers endure excruciating plane changes as well as O’Hare’s ability to completely disrupt nationwide air service. "Chicago: Shaping the Airline Industry" uncovers the critical role Chicago played in forming the airline industry not just for the United States but worldwide.

Discover how rudimentary air mail carriers developed and morphed into the airlines we know today. See how Chicago became the center of the air mail system both for connecting routes and for technologies crucial to safe, long-distance, regular flights across our vast nation.

Learn the role Chicago played in creating the safety-first regulatory environment that provided the general public with confidence in flying. Witness Chicago’s pivotal role in airline labor relations which has remained a significant factor in airline operations into the present. See how Chicago’s influence expanded beyond national borders to establish standards worldwide.

The presenter, Michael Haupt, has spent decades exploring the extent of aviation activity in and around Chicago, especially about the early part of the 20th Century. His book, Aviation Chicago Timeline, is a product of his insatiable curiosity and research coupled with a fastidious attention to detail. The result is a well-written, fascinating history revealing many events which have been otherwise forgotten. Many regard it as the definitive history of aviation activities in Chicago and the surrounding region.