High Flying Chicago

Dynamic Presentations for Your Organization


This series of fascinating presentations uncover relatively unknown aspects of Chicago’s history showing how it shaped worldwide aviation as we know it today. Aviation historian and author of Aviation Chicago Timeline, Michael Haupt, designed these in-person presentations which fit an hour timeslot including Q&A time.

Chicago: Aviation’s Incubator

Discover Chicago’s long-overlooked role nurturing fledgling flyers into America’s full-blown aviation industry. In the period around WW1, Chicago held the largest airshow, had the busiest airport (NOT Midway), planted the seeds of military aviation., and was the hub for both barnstorming and airmail.

Chicago: Shaping the Airline Industry

This presentation uncovers the critical role Chicago played in forming the airline industry not just for the United States but worldwide. See how Chicago’s influence expanded beyond national borders to establish standards worldwide.


Coleman, Coffey, and the Condor

See three pioneering Chicago African American aviators who shaped aviation both inside and outside the U.S. Bessie Coleman, Cornelius Coffey, and John C. Robinson (or the Brown Condor) overcame major obstacles paving the way for the aviation industry to benefit from skills provided by aviators of color.

Heath: Chicago’s Forgotten Aviation Pioneer

Prior to WW1, Edward Heath played an integral role in growth of aviation focusing his efforts on enabling ordinary workers to fly. He developed one of the most popular planes of its time. During the Depression, Heath developed the Kit Plane concept, allowing customers to purchase and assemble an entire plane, one affordable section at a time.