Let Your Old Photos Become Part of History

Aviation Chicago, in conjunction with Arcadia Publishing, is documenting the colorful history years of Pal-Waukee Air Port (Chicago Executive Airport). The book will be released prior to the Airport’s Centennial Celebration in 2026.

A key element of the book will be a photographic record showing the airport's development from 1926 to the present. Would you be willing to share old photographs you have lying around we we can bring to life the people and activities that made this airport such an integral part of this region? Photos before WW2 are especially important.

Loaning your photographs is a simple process:

  1. Complete the Photo Submittal Form (please write legibly).
  2. Submit your photos by dropping them at the Chicago Executive Airport office or contacting Michael Haupt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. Aviation Chicago will scan your photos and make a digital copy of those scans available to you
  4. Pick up your original photos

All photos selected for inclusion will include a personal recognition for the contributor (and the photographer, if different).

Please consider this opportunity to share your experiences with others who share your interests.