Aviation Chicago Timeline is a chronology presenting the rich tapestry of Chicago’s role in shaping aviation in the United States. The book contains over 1,100 entries ranging from balloon launches in the mid-1800s to the latest O’Hare expansion plans.

However, print and ebooks have limitations due to delays in implementing any changes. This portion of our site is a supplement to the other formats.


This section contains a selection of entries from Aviation Chicago Timeline. For those who haven’t yet purchased the book can preview a sample of the information that it provides. As a bonus, the references contain active links whenever possible. Excerpts unchanged from the book appear with a gray background.

Despite numerous reviews and edits, some errors manage to sneak through and are caught by readers. While these will naturally be corrected in the next revision, there’s no need to wait. Revisions are made here and are shown with a yellow background.

As much information as has been crammed into the book, there are many other stories that need to be told. From time to time, we will be adding new entries that will be incorporated in an upcoming revision. New entries have a blue background.


This section is a short list of entries that have changed. The list has the newest changes first. Readers of the book can check this section sporadically to see what additions or corrections have been made.


One requested feature was to provide a glossary of all the acronyms. The Glossary deserves its own section.