Additions, Enhancements, Clarifications, and Corrections



1892/06/06   First Chicago “L”

               [Clarification:  Feb. 1, 2019]

               The wording in the first edition was somewhat unclear about the route of the initial elevated line. You can read the clarified and enhanced version HERE.

1928  First Flying Club

               [Addition:  Jan. 31, 2019]

               A reader provided us with a photo of a poster he owns about the Edgewater Flying Club. A little research showed it was an interesting organization, which you can read about HERE.

2008/05/24   Oldest ATP Pilot Licensed 

               [Correction Jan. 29, 2019]

               The original text stated that Howard Levinson received the ATP license shortly before his 84th birthday when in fact it was before his 85th birthday. You can read the corrected version HERE.